End Zone
6 minutes, 2008, writer

Death faces off against a robot.endzone.html
Gustav Braustache and the Auto-Debilitator
17 minutes, 2007, co-director / co-writer

Holed up in his cramped studio apartment and surviving on a
diet of cocktail weenies and Ritz beer, legendary inventor
Gustav Braustache is launched on a surreal and comedic
journey when his Position Despecifier misfires.braustache.html
The Old Man and the Bean
6 minutes, 2006, writer / animator

An old man meets his destiny in an unexpected way.tomatb.html
The Devices of Gustav Braustache,
Bachelor of Science
8 minutes, 2000, co-writer

The original Gustav Braustache short film, cataloguing the early works of the genius inventor.devices.html